BBD’s New MapleStory Log in.

So I made an account to replay MapleStory and test out the Cannon class.

I like it so far but I am only level 48.

But I dislike the new MapleStory character selecting screen!

I think it needs improvements

I want to show you the old one vs the new one vs the one in KMS.

Then look at the one I made for the Character screen, I don’t have what Nexon has to make these but good old Paint and some skills I made a good looking one 🙂

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The MapleStory Calender Project

So I am making a project that I don’t see happening anywhere else.

It is called “Global MapleStory Calender Project”

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During the busyness

So once again as I said in my last blog I am busy this week.
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Been Busy!

Been busy a few days and going to be busy for the next few days. Lots of assignments and case studies this week and next.
Just to keep you heads up what is happening. I also got a nice Pokétip.
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It not be Chaos after all!

So MapleStory Chaos update might not be called Chaos…

So I decided to play around.
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My PokĂ©mon Adventure (From Red to Now)

This post will be my adventures I had since back when I first started playing Pokemon to what is happening now. Something I can do so you can know me and how I like the Pokemon main games till this day.

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A Level 122 Victini!

So I been playing both games this week, and having fun 🙂
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