A Level 122 Victini!

So I been playing both games this week, and having fun 🙂
First off on March 15th 2011 (a bit after Midnight) in MapleStory I reached 4th job!
First time.



It felt awesome and rewarding.

Today (March 17th 2010) before the Sever Check I made it to level 122.


Pretty much my build so far is 1 on everything for show, then worry about what skills to put. 🙂


In the land of the Pokémon!

I also have leveled too and gained some badges!

So I beat my second gym, it was tough but my party survived.

I also got my third gym badge. I found this easy since Batman knows Gust and ElctricZbra knows a fire move.

I went to Route 4 and ended up being in Nimbasa City. There is a lot going on in this city, I am still exploring it, but I know the 4th gym badge is here, so watch out 🙂

Most of my guys have evolved : Snake, Hipster, Batman.
Also I renamed Furry to Furr.

I added FireHead (Darumaka) to my party.

I also went to participate in “The Liberty Pass” event.
I had the worst time 😦

I know this is a WiFi event but at home my Internet is WPA.
The DS I have is DS lite so it can’t pick up WPA.

I decided to go to a Hot-spot  to get my Friendship Code and get the Liberty Pass.
I went to Starbucks and when I started to search the area I found 3 WiFis.
1) From a sandwich shop
2) From  Starbucks
3) Hot-Spot
4) Random letters (locked)

I tried all 3 that were open.
All 3 gave me Error 53000.

Basically it is not a “a non-partner Hotspot” :S

So I went home, and decided to change my internet from WPA to WEP.
When doing this the password was changed. So I had to change the password to all devices. Everything got changed but my sister Mac. I don’t know the password HOPE it connects to her Mac or else I am doomed!

So I did get the Liberty Pass and I haven’t gone there yet.
Also will try to catch Victini.

I will also add a NEW tab on top about my current adventure party.
I name all my Pokemon since I don’t know there real names so if you see a Pokemon name I used and your wondering who that is you can check that. If your not part of the first 151 Pokemon (or even Johto series)  I will have a hard time remembering the names.

I won’t put my FC public yet as I am not ready to battle yet. I am sharing with close real life friends for now.

All Pokemon pictures in this blog is thanks to http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/

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