My Pokémon Adventure (From Red to Now)

This post will be my adventures I had since back when I first started playing Pokemon to what is happening now. Something I can do so you can know me and how I like the Pokemon main games till this day.

So I started playing Pokemon BACK when Red/Blue was out.

My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Red it was my first “Gameboy” game and it got it on my birthday. I also bought my first Gameboy on this day, it was the Yellow Gameboy Color. I know yellow isn’t manly but it was the only one in stock.

Many of my friends had Blue Version so I got the Red Version.

My cousin had Blue Version and he was at the point where if you left SS Anne it would leave. He didn’t want the SS Anne to leave. He gave it to me, and I ended up making a new game (with my name) and when I got to the point where I needed to get cut I traded a Bellsprout that knew Cut from Red to Blue and made that SS Anne never leave.

I did catch all 151 Pokemon in Red Version.
I battle all the trainers in Red so I ended up glitching Mew from the Blue version and gave it to Red.

By this time Pokemon Silver and Gold came out.

My friend had Gold Version so I got Silver Version.

When playing this game came out I did transfer a lot of my guys from Red/Blue Version to this one.

I liked playing Silver I fell in love with Goldenrod City.

I did play it for a long time, but I didn’t catch them all.

After a while later Gameboy Advance came out and I didn’t get it at first but later Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire came out.

I got Pokemon Sapphire and got a Purple Gameboy Advance.
A little while later I sold my Gameboy Color for a few pocket money.

When I started playing this game, I fell in love the story line was amazing everything was new, new Pokemon, new people, weather was enhanced, it was nice, I wanted to catch them all.

I played it for a long time. I was kind of upset that it was not able to connect or trade with the older version but you get used to it.

Later Pokemon Emerald came out. At this point about few weeks after it came out my Silver Version, Sapphire Version and my Gameboy Advance was stolen.

Who took it? I don’t know.

Because at this point, I was Gameboyless I was auto Pokemonless. I didn’t know what to do. I then found of about playing GBA games on the computer.
But there is a con side on this. There is no trading so I am limited on what I can do and GBA is usually 1 player.

Since I was at this point I started to play Pokemon Emerald.
Amazing game! Amazing Storyline, I liked how they fused Ruby and Sapphire story to one.

Then Fire Red and Leaf Green came out.
I didn’t buy any, my friend had it and I played it for a day or so and gave it back to him.
I didn’t like it that much. I also played it on the computer I didn’t even pass the Mt. Moon. I thought to myself ‘why am I playing this game again?’
I still have my original Red Version so I can start that game and continue it if I wanted to.

At this point I left the Pokemon world.

DS came out I didn’t get it.
DS Lite came out I didn’t get it.
Later Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out!

I wanted it at first, but a little while later my mind changed.

Pokemon Platinum came out I didn’t get it.
Then the DSi was coming out.

At this point it seems that I might never come back… but then it was changed.
One day in May 2009 I received Pokemon Platinum! 

I wanted to take this opportunity.
Because of the DSi the DS Lite prices were cut big time.
So… I decided to get it the DS Lite, since it had a GBA slot … (Biggest mastake ever I should have gotten the DSi since I have only used the GBA slot like 5 times.

I then started playing Pokemon Platinum.
I had fun, I started bring it to work and then I saw many other people play Pokemon!

I thought Pokemon Platinum was BOMB. I clicked about (turns on Plat.) 200+ hours on it! You can tell I loved it. I also went competitive on it too.
I caught all the Sinnoh Pokemon.

Eventually it all ended too quickly for being competitive.

My internet was password free making me able to play WiFi on the DS.
But I had people stealing my internet and increasing our bills very, very high.
Then I put password on the Internet and put it WPA and my  DS Lite stop picking up the internet. I started walking around the house for some kind of free WiFi, when I found it, it was nice but later it was password too.

When Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver came out.
At first I received Heart Gold, but then later I traded it for Soul Silver.
I didn’t like it that much.

Ya it was cool seeing the old places but  it wasn’t my that amazing feeling.
I did transfer some guys I had in Platnum over to help me out.
But that was it.

I beat the main storyline of the game and I didn’t catch them all.
That was the first time I didn’t want to catch them all in a Pokemon game.
Also I didn’t get an Friendship Code in this game due to the fact I had no Internet that can be used with my DS Lite.

I did continue playing Platinum by doing the Battle Tower and EV training my guys. When someone wanted to have a Pokemon battle I brought out my Platinum version out.

Then Pokemon Black and White came out.
I stop receiving Pokemon games so I had to go out and get it.

I got Pokemon Black I like it.

Everyone I know has White version, only me and ONE friend has Black, were cool like that.


I like the storyline it is confusing but interesting, many improvements I like and dislike that you have friends that are going adventure with you. (I like it because it is different, I dislike it because they are ALWAYS RANDOM!

I haven’t finished the game of course I will blog my adventures (first time doing this).

Since now I got my Internet fixed by making it a WEP so my DS Lite can pick it up I will battle online BUT not competitive. Only for fun.

Of course I will be using WiFi for dream world and trading with friends.


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