Been Busy!

Been busy a few days and going to be busy for the next few days. Lots of assignments and case studies this week and next.
Just to keep you heads up what is happening. I also got a nice Pokétip.
In MapleStory I leveled up to level 123.

Alt Link

I am going to take a small break. I am waiting for my friend Dean to catch up and I will add him in my family.

In Pokémon

I got my 4th Gym badge.
I caught many guys.
My pretraining for 4th badge was “time wasted”.
I trained a rock Pokemon instead of a Ground type.
Once I battle 1 trainer in the gym I knew the Pokemon I was training/using was wrong so I went back and trained Driller.

I went to the next city. Battle all the trainers in Route 5/6/Coldroom.
The only place to go is the 5 Gym.
I was told (by someone in the game) he uses Ice types so I am training my fire types.

I am going to use Firehead, EltricZbra, and Victini.


Pansage, Pansear, Panpour.

These guys evolve using Grass/Fire/Water stone.
I got all 3 stones.

Water Stone I got from a NPC at Castelia City.
The lady asked me what element monkey I have, I told her I have Panpour so she gave me a water Stone.

The Fire Stone I got from Desert Resort.
It was just a random item just sitting there. (In a pokeball.)

The Grass Stone I just got recently.
It was also a random item just sitting there. (In a pokeball.)
I got Grass Stone in Route 6 after the lab in the middle of the Ranger and a lady with umbrella.


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