During the busyness

So once again as I said in my last blog I am busy this week.

For MapleStory I am on a level break. I been Dojoing and got my ring to level 17.
I am soon going to do LPQ and get better Glasses.
Also what event is ending soon is Perma pet and perma pet equipts.


In Pokemon… I did a lot. I got my 7th badge and in the city of the 8th badge.

My team is level 32~40.
I did skip few trainers in the back so  I am going to battle them.
I also had trouble during the mine place 😦 I had to use Google to help me get out.

My team also is changed up
First my party is all final stage. So no more evolving them.

FireHead, EltricZbra, Batman
has been replaced with
Victini , ToHappy, Minipeda (got it in a trade in Route 7)

Also tmrow is the day where Dream World opens up.
I won’t use it right away since I am busy with school/work.

Other than that, catch you next time.


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