The MapleStory Calender Project

So I am making a project that I don’t see happening anywhere else.

It is called “Global MapleStory Calender Project”

You can find the project here on this page

I am writing all the events happening in MapleStory in this small calendar.
There is different timezones for people who live around the world.
I tried to get the big places, but if you feel like I should add something tell me.

Why did I even start this project.

Well I am afrade to say but I quit MapleStory. I recently got hacked. I wrote a ticket but no responds yet. Few days later I got hacked (while I was playing) my password stop working on the main site. So I freaked out. Since I was still logged in the main game they couldn’t log in to my account so I decided to press the reset password button… but I never got the email to reset my password. So now the hacker has control of my account. I checked in rankings that the hacker is taking more of my items. My pirate is naked and my Mage is missing his powerful items. I can no longer play in Tespia either.

But since I have 2 guides about MapleStory one is about Mages

The other one is about Global MapleStory

I need to do something to keep these guys updated.
So I created the MapleStory Calendar Project so I can continue to update my guides while at it and help the community.




One response to “The MapleStory Calender Project

  1. Shame =/. Sorry to hear about the hacking. Good idea with this project and I hope you continue with the guide.

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