BBD’s New MapleStory Log in.

So I made an account to replay MapleStory and test out the Cannon class.

I like it so far but I am only level 48.

But I dislike the new MapleStory character selecting screen!

I think it needs improvements

I want to show you the old one vs the new one vs the one in KMS.

Then look at the one I made for the Character screen, I don’t have what Nexon has to make these but good old Paint and some skills I made a good looking one 🙂

The old GMS one when Resistance (Mechanics/Big Bang) was new.


GMST (with all three new classes)


The one in KMST

At this rate if we keep up we will have all different kind of boxes!



Hope you like it. I don’t have the fancy thing to make the nice glow in the background.

I also don’t get why Nexon changed what Flexibility mean.
If you look at the old picture Flexibility I thought it ment how many jobs can it have and the new picture it is all maxed, I went to the old meaning and did it that way.


There will be an information box and this will be in the information box.

Hope you like it 🙂



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