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BBD’s New MapleStory Log in.

So I made an account to replay MapleStory and test out the Cannon class.

I like it so far but I am only level 48.

But I dislike the new MapleStory character selecting screen!

I think it needs improvements

I want to show you the old one vs the new one vs the one in KMS.

Then look at the one I made for the Character screen, I don’t have what Nexon has to make these but good old Paint and some skills I made a good looking one 🙂

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During the busyness

So once again as I said in my last blog I am busy this week.
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“are dawn warriors funner or mages?”

Well today I got a PM on basil asking a question.

The question was simple.

can i ask sometihng, since youre a pro 😛
are dawn warriors funner or mages?
in your opnion. – TurtleSlaves

I answered the PM.

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