Global MapleStory Calendar

Welcome to the Global MapleStory Calendar Project

Here you can see all the events happening in Global MapleStory in one spot and in one nice calendar.

We also know that on the main Global MapleStory site they usually post only North American times, here I will try to have different times for people.
I don’t know why the HTML code here won’t work on wordpress I will post a link so you can see the calendar there.
All calendars are 1000×800 so we can see and read everything 🙂
You can even click the event for more details.
If you are seeing it in 2400 hours mode I am not sure what is causing that. Some people will see it AM/PM others will see it in 2400hrs.
If you see it as 2400 time and you like am/pm (or if you see am/pm and you want hours) here is a chart.
You can use the [v] arrow on the top right corner to help look what you are looking for.

If you are from PST or PDT (Nexon Clock)

If you are from EST or EDT (Toronto/New York)

If you follow BasilTime (BasilMarket Time)

If you are from Hawaii

If you are from London (GMT+00:00)

If you are from Moscow (Russia)

If you are from India

If you are from Singapore or Hong Kong or Beijing (China)

If you are from Tokyo (Japan) or Seoul (South Korea)

If you are from Melbourne, Sydney (Australia)


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