Pokemon so far and Events!

So I got my 1st gym badge and passed route 3, and unlocked the 2nd gym badge lady but I didn’t fight her yet.
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Pokémon Black/White!

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MapleStory AfterShock!

Wow amazing patch.

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So it has been crazy since Big Bang happened on MapleStory for me.

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“are dawn warriors funner or mages?”

Well today I got a PM on basil asking a question.

The question was simple.

can i ask sometihng, since youre a pro 😛
are dawn warriors funner or mages?
in your opnion. – TurtleSlaves

I answered the PM.

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Nexon – BlockParty Blabber Box — Episode 1

No joke, but this was good!
I think this is what most players want!
This is like a BIG step in customer service!
Also other companies are doing this too, happy to see Nexon isn’t stepping back!

Happy to watch, I want more of these videos!

I didn’t see much of MapleStory News, the game I play. But it was good to see other games, made me want to try them.

I can’t say because there is nothing wrong with the video, the shorts did be off topic, and were a bit long, but that was good to have because with out it it will be kind of boring.

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How to install MapleStory (Global) After Big Bang!

It seems installing this game is not very simple!

First off MapleStory is at the moment only for Windows! Sorry MAC users 😦 you have to either have to install Windows or not play.

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